2019 Presentations

eduWeb | July 29-31, 2019 | Hilton Penn's Landing | Philadelphia

The eduWeb Digital Summit is committed to fostering the dialogue that will revolutionize our field.
Our tracks are curated based upon community feedback; this year, we’re proud to feature so many presentations that are sure to move our industry forward.

Workshops | General Session | Social Media | Content & Email Marketing | Web/Mobile Design & Strategy | Other Duties As Assigned | Using Data & Analytics | Reflect, Recharge, Refocus


Ready to amplify your impact? Our experts will guide you as you dive into the skillset that you need to
further your institutional objectives. Benefit from hands-on instruction from leaders in our field in
these three hour sessions.

Beware of Instagramnesia: Learn from the Past, Live in the Present, and Prepare for the Future on the Social Platform that IS Social Media for Your Current and Prospective Students
Jon McBride, Brigham Young University

Think Like an Analyst: Mastering Analytics Essentials and More
Joshua Dodson, VisionPoint Marketing

Cultivating Creativity
Amma Marfo

You Get a Framework! Crafting Strategy, Goals, and Metrics
Erin Supinka, Dartmouth College

General Session

Data is key to effective strategies, and our general session will provide data and insights to continue to move your efforts forward.

E-Expectations 2019: Update Your Digital Marketing and Web Strategies to Meet Your Markets
Stephanie Geyer, Ruffalo Noel Levitz
Lance Merker, OmniUpdate

Social Media

In a rapidly evolving social world, we need to focus on both the fundamentals and on innovation.
Explore how to formulate goals, measure success, and develop best practices in social media, plus be
inspired by the success stories from the pioneers in our field.

Inclusion for All! Making Your Social Media Content MORE Accessible
Erika Boltz, Virginia Commonwealth University

Hitting Qualitative Communications Goals Through Social Media
Jenny Li Fowler, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Improving Campus Community Safety Through Social Media
Matt Shelosky, New York University

What is the Story with Stories?
James Marko, New Jersey Institute of Technology

How Does Social Media Affect College Choice, Access to College for Underrepresented Groups, and Transition to College? Key Findings and Recommendations From a Doctoral Dissertation Research Study
Melissa Horvath-Plyman, New York University/Ramapo College of New Jersey

How to Train Your Dragons (and Find your Campus Unicorns)
Vanessa Cook, University of Mississippi

The Life Changing Magic of Closing Accounts: Increase Engagement & Spark Audience Joy
Rebecca Stapley, Nazareth College

Content and Email Marketing

Content is still king! Come discuss how to create and disseminate the most relevant, timely, and
valuable content to attract and retain your target audiences— and ultimately maximize engagement
with your university.

How Personalization Marketing Yields Results (Through a Customized College Acceptance Video)
Melissa Horvath-Plyman, Ramapo College of New Jersey
Robert Josic, Ramapo College of New Jersey

Content Strategy Comes to Life at Loyola University Maryland: Working Backwards to Create a Strategy—and a Home—for Content
Amy Filardo, Loyola University – Maryland
Brigid Hamilton, Loyola University – Maryland

Every School NEEDS to do THIS! How to Use Student Vlogging to Show a a Day-in-the-Life at Your Institution
Christopher Young, West Virginia University
Jeremy Tiers, Tudor Collegiate Strategies

Using Journey Mapping to Drive Digital Enrollment Content
Matthew Sluzinski, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science
Vaughn Shinkus, Ruffalo Noel Levitz

Getting Personal to Get Results: Making Website Personalization a Part of Your Marketing Strategy
Eric Meier, Bryant University
Jason Smith, OHO Interactive
Eric Fullerton, Acquia

We’re All In This Together: Creating an Email Marketing Working Group
Amanda Whitbred, Swarthmore College

A Star is Born: Student Creators, Storytellers & Allies
Rachel Tilley, Harvard University
Victoria Marzilli, Harvard University

Web/Mobile Design and Strategy

We’re living in a mobile-first world where UI and UX cannot be understated. So how do we adapt to
dynamic changes in web design, promote accessibility, embrace personalization, and meet the
expectations of our consumers? We’ll explore all that and more in this track.

From Catastrophe to Compliance: Navigating the WCAG 2.0 AA Quagmire
Dave Carpenter, Colorado State University
Jennifer Garvey, Colorado State University
Jenny Slaughter, NewCity

Don’t Ignore 50 Million People: How to Make Your Content Accessible
Jennie Powers, Auburn University
Stephen Tidmore, Mighty Citizen

A Changing Web Landscape, and Moving to Micro-Services
Anthony Grutta, Northeastern University
Sean Tierney, Northeastern University

Fact: Strategically Designed Microsites Can Increase Conversions
Greg Coticchia, Carnegie Mellon University
Abu Noaman, Elliance

Herding Cats – a Practical Primer on Leading a Successful Website Redesign
Jason Smith, OHO Interactive

Change Clients to Partners by Adopting a Consulting Model
Lisa Hitt, George Mason University

Superior Sites Come From Superior Plans: Why Research Driven Design Wins
Greg Cooper, Paskill Stapleton & Lord
Jim Paskill, Paskill Stapleton & Lord

Humanizing the Digital Experience
Jason Buzzell, University of Nebraska at Omaha

Make Every Day a Giving Day: How Dartmouth’s Campaign Website Borrows from Crowdfunding to Encourage Broad Participation
Sarah Maxell Crosby, Dartmouth College

Other Duties As Assigned

Juggling tasks that aren’t in your current job description? Come explore the ways that others have
succeeded in orchestrating the initiatives that fall outside of their regular responsibilities—and get
some tips on how you can succeed as well!

Can You Post Our .txt File to Facebook? How to Use Free Data to Take Back Control of Your Social Media Accounts
Jackie Vetrano, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Kara Sassone, OHO Interactive

So You Want to Start a Podcast (Or Your Boss Does)
Jenna Spinelle, Penn State University

No Budget? No Problem!: How UNC Greensboro Managed a Website Redesign on a Shoestring
Katie MacInnes, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Don’t Make Me Math: Introducing Analytics to the Uninitiated
Vanessa Cook, University of Mississippi

Festival of Excellence: Celebrating Academic and Creative Scholarship
Jacob Ward, Southern Utah University

Dealing with Harsh Headlines: Communication & Marketing’s Role in Successful Crisis Management
Daniela Huynh, Quincy College
Katy Spencer Johnson, Quincy College

Turning a Bell Tower Into a TV Studio
Megan Monaghan, Kenyon College
David Hoyt, Kenyon College

Rethinking Web Governance: One Size Does Not Fit All
David Morton, OmniUpdate

Using Data and Analytics

Tactics without metrics are pretty much useless. Here, we’ll focus on how higher ed professionals can
investigate the stories that live within their marketing data points, and we’ll learn how to benchmark
and make data-driven decisions that transform our work.

Meet Sarah (How a CRM Changed How We Do E-Recruitment)
Kris Hardy, Messiah College

The Link Between Us: Developing a Common Language Between Content Strategy and Digital Analytics
Mandee Englert, Penn State University

Analytics, Please: Helping Departments Understand the Data
Nathan Gerber, Utah Valley University

GDPR is Basically Consent
Morgan Hammond, Texas A&M University
Courtnie Ridgway, Tarleton State University

Digital vs. In-Person Alumni Engagement
Jon Horowitz, Dartmouth College

Reflect, Recharge, Refocus

After two days of presentations and keynotes, it’s important to look back over what you’ve gleaned and figure out how to implement ideas when you get home. Day 3 presentations will set you up for success.

Copy That! Crafting Headlines, Copy and Other Content that Clicks with Your Audience
Donna Talarico, Independent Content Writer and Speaker

Content KonMari: Create content that sparks joy!
Conny Liegl, California Polytechnic State University

Less Is More: How to Write Microcopy that Works
Sofia Tokar, University of Rochester

Embracing Vertical Video and Curating Quality Instagram Stories
Christopher Singlemann, Loyola University – Maryland

That GIF is my Jam!: Creating Offbeat Content For HigherEd
Andrew Cassel, University of Alaska Fairbanks

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