Learn How to Think Like an Analyst in #eduWeb19’s Second Workshop

This July’s eduWeb will feature some of our strongest programming ever, including an impressive list of pre-conference workshops. Last week, we introduced you to Jon McBride and his eduWeb workshop, Beware of Instagramnesia. This week, we’re excited to announce our next workshop, presented by another eduWeb regular, Joshua Dodson of VisionPoint Marketing.

Think Like an Analyst: Mastering Analytics Essentials and More

Google Analytics can seem complicated, but it’s no impenetrable maze. Learning to understand data doesn’t have to be complicated or overly difficult. The key is getting the essentials right and deciding where you should spend your energy. By mastering the basics, you can go much deeper, faster.

This workshop will cover the most important considerations of Google Analytics. With efficiency and effectiveness in mind, we’ll discuss how to translate basic data into action. In addition to the essentials, we will include some tips and tricks that even advanced users will find helpful.

Whether you’re a brand manager looking to understand the effectiveness of an awareness campaign or a digital marketer digging in on which channels delivered the most ROI, we’ll help you sort through the many metrics and KPIs to determine which ones are most important to you and what they mean.

Google Analytics screen with graphs

We’ll also provide a high-level overview on the holy grail of marketing – true downstream measurement that allows marketers to connect digital marketing platforms and Google analytics to the data within their CRM, all with the goal of understanding the full picture of what drives people to apply. Given our multi-device world, it may not be possible to connect all of the pieces, but it is possible to connect more of them. We’ll explore how to implement end-to-end tracking so that you can connect your Web analytics with your CRM.

By leveraging Google Analytics alongside other tools, you can get a better view of how your marketing campaigns impact inquiries, applications, and enrollments. We’ll give you some valuable tips on how to make certain that the data you are analyzing truly represents your target audience. You’ll delve into strategies to capture your entire audience and zero in on all potential students who are actively in the market for a college degree — whether or not they have filled out your inquiry form. Finally, you’ll learn how the resulting segment can be used to remarket to your audience via Google Ads or to analyze the content consumption on your site from these very important visitors.

While there is no one-size-fits-all option, the principles you will learn in this workshop will help you increase your tracking capabilities and maximize results from your data.

About Joshua: Joshua serves as Vice President of Marketing & Innovation at VisionPoint Marketing. Josh’s experience working both inside higher ed and as an outside consultant gives him a unique perspective. Before joining VisionPoint, Josh was a key player in helping many universities modernize their enrollment and marketing programs. He’s led digital marketing efforts at Bentley University, Southern New Hampshire University, Eastern Kentucky University, and Lincoln Memorial University. In fact, his work at Bentley resulted in the most marketing-generated leads in the university’s history.

Josh’s expertise also makes him a sought-after speaker. He has delivered more than 20 presentations, keynotes, and workshops at national higher ed marketing conferences and taught more than 500 students as a faculty member with HigherEdExperts.