Perfect Presentation Ideas to Bring to #EduWeb19

We know sometimes it’s hard to think back on all the great things you did in the last year. Or you might think that everyone knows what you know, but that’s simply not true! We asked our track chairs for their trending topics to help bring to light areas that attendees need to know more about! So, if you’re still hunting for that perfect presentation topic, check out this list!

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Web/Mobile Design & Strategy

We’re living in a mobile-first world where UI and UX cannot be understated. So how do we adapt to dynamic changes in web design, promote accessibility, embrace personalization, and meet the expectations of our consumers? We’ll explore all that and more in this track. Here are some topics Track Chair Jason Boucher suggests:

  • Mobile Design: Why isn’t your institution thinking mobile first?
  • SEO as Design: Making better UX decisions based on your website’s SEO. But remember, you need to have a starting point with your SEO first. Places like ClickSlice have been known to get companies back on track when it concerns improving or establishing useful data for your SEO.
  • Adapting your SEO: Be sure your SEO design works well with your lead generation services, content marketing, etc. and make changes if it doesn’t
  • Engaging Content: Incorporating social media and video into your homepage
  • Authenticity: Showing authentic content by real students and staff can help your institution’s image and increase applications and brand awareness
  • Microsites: Our shrinking attention span needs more focused, branded content with simple navigation and one message that could lead to inbound marketing/web forms

Content & Email Marketing

Content is still king! Come discuss how to create and disseminate the most relevant, timely, and valuable content to attract and retain your target audiences – and ultimately maximize engagement with your university. Track Chair Conny Liegl is excited to see presentations covering:

  • Best Ways to Create A Content Marketing Team
  • Tips and Tricks to a Successful Giving Day
  • We Go Together Like… Content and UX

Other Duties as Assigned

Juggling tasks that aren’t in your current job description? Help this track explore the ways that others have succeeded in orchestrating the initiatives that fall outside of their regular responsibilities! Track Chair Brenden Foley shares his thoughts for great presentations:

  • Don’t Make Me Math: Introducing Analytics to the Uninitiated
  • Creating High-Level Video In-House With a Small Team & Budget
  • Adding Leader to Your Job Description: How to Lead a Team No Matter the Size

Using Data & Analytics

Tactics without metrics are pretty much useless. In this track, we’ll focus on how higher ed professionals can investigate the stories that live within their marketing data points, and we’ll learn how to benchmark and make data-driven decisions that transform our work. Track Chair Jackie Vetrano is looking forward to seeing presentations about:

  • Understanding what data is available to social media managers, marketers, and web developers
  • Tools for data visualization and how to use them
  • Tips and tricks to developing reports
  • Key tactics when it comes to marketing and determining ROI
  • Learning about data platforms such as Google Analytics or FacebookBusiness Manager

Social Media

In a rapidly evolving social world, we need to focus on both the fundamentals and on innovation. This track will explore how to formulate goals, measure success, and develop best practices in social media, plus inspire the success stories from the pioneers in our field. But where to start? Track Chair Alexandra Simone suggests these topics:

  • Social media advertising
  • Strategy tips for campus implementation and centralization of social media
  • How to train campus to social better
  • Nimble or affordable video tips and tools, doing great video with a small amount of resources