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Snowbird Resort | Salt Lake City, UT | Aug. 3-5

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2020 eduWeb Leadership Summit

The 2020 eduWeb Leadership Summit presents a new opportunity for higher education executives.

We believe that as a community we can push the boundaries of higher education and revolutionize our digital space.


Ready to amplify your impact? Our experts will guide you as you dive into the skillsets that you need to further your institutional objectives. Benefit from hands-on instruction from leaders in our field in these two hour sessions.

Content & Email Marketing

Content is still king! Come discuss how to create and disseminate the most relevant, timely, and valuable content to attract and retain your target audiences— and ultimately maximize engagement with your university.

Social Media

In a rapidly-evolving social world, we need to focus on both the fundamentals and innovation. Explore how to formulate goals, measure success, and develop best practices in social media, plus be inspired by success stories from pioneers in our field.

Using Data & Analytics

Tactics without metrics are pretty much useless. Here, we’ll focus on how higher ed professionals can investigate the stories that live within their marketing data points, and we’ll learn how to benchmark and make data-driven decisions that transform our work.

Web/Mobile Design and Strategy

We’re living in a mobile-first world where UI and UX cannot be understated. So how do we adapt to dynamic changes in web design, promote accessibility, embrace personalization, and meet the expectations of our consumers? We’ll explore all that and more in this track.

Other Duties As Assigned

Juggling tasks that aren’t in your current job description? Come explore the ways that others have succeeded in orchestrating the initiatives that fall outside of their regular responsibilities—and get some tips on how you can succeed as well.

We’re ready to start our ascent. Are you in?

11,000 ft | Snowbird Resort | Salt Lake City, UT | Aug. 3-5

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eduWeb has established itself as a premier community for higher education professionals focused on improving an institutions integrated digital marketing presence. Check out what our 2020 location offers.

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Guest Post: Building Confidence and Community Through the eduWeb Scholarship

“Getting to hear from other social media experts in higher education felt a lot like coming home. I was encouraged to hear that I wasn’t alone in the things I dealt with on the job– there was an entire community of people out there who were just like me. Not only was I validated and understood, but I was welcomed. I expected to feel like an impostor in a room full of geniuses, but I didn’t; instead I felt both recognized and inspired.”

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