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We believe that as a community we can push the boundaries of higher education and revolutionize our digital space.


A great opportunity to dive into a skill or need you have at your institution.  Spend 2 hours getting hands on help from industry leaders in our workshops. Learn the skill necessary to take your institution to the next level.

Content & Email Marketing

This track focuses on how to distribute valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive university community engagement.

Social Media

This track focuses on identifying goals, determining success or failure and overall best social media practices. This is also a place to share stories of both social media campaign details and insights for the eduWeb community to learn and grow from.

Using Data & Analytics

This track focuses on how Universities should pursue a path to uncovering the important information in their data. It will also explore how to make insight-driven decisions that add value to your institution.

Web/Mobile Design and Strategy

This track focuses on the increasingly-important web and mobile design components. From the planning stage to implementation, the eduWeb community will learn how to carefully plan, understand and adjust to dynamic changes in web design.

Other Duties As Assigned

This track focuses on many of the successes we’ve all had when given a task that wasn’t in our job description.  If you have had success outside of your job duties and you want to showcase it, this is the track for you.

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11,000 ft | Snowbird Resort | Salt Lake City, UT | Aug. 3-5

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